Abrahamson Center / Be Positive AŞ is operating in Turkey since 2013 with therapists trained by Ehud Abrahamson

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Founder of Abrahamson Center

Ehud Abrahamson

Ehud Abrahamson

The founder of the Abrahamson Center, is an expert in weaning from addictions and an international lecturer in the field of personal development and self-improvement.

Ehud studied biology at the University of Tel Aviv, and psychology at the University of Haifa. At the same time he also studied the field of alternative, holistic medicine.


Be Positive AŞ is operating for 7 years in Turkey.

Be Positive A.Ş.


We visit Eskişehir every month since 5 years.

Be Positive A.Ş.


We visit İzmir since 2014.

Be Positive A.Ş.